Climate Week 2024

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Where does the event happen? University of Hamburg, HAW Hamburg

When does the event happen?
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Paneldiscussion veganism (Wednesday, 17.04)

WEDNESDAY 17.04. 18:00-19:30
Where? ESA A (Maincampus University of Hamburg, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1)

Dive into the world of plant-based nutrition and veganism with us! In this panel discussion, experts from the fields of medicine, animal and climate protection, politics and entrepreneurship will explore various aspects. Brief impulse speeches will provide fascinating insights, followed by a lively discussion and the opportunity to ask your own questions. This event is for everyone who wants to explore the diverse perspectives together and actively shape the future of our nutrition!

The event will take place in German.


Action for vegan centeens (Thursday, 18.04)

THURSDAY 18.04. - Start: 11:00
Where? Tiny House (Main Campus University of Hamburg, next to the Von-Melle-Park 8)

Come by and pick up your free vegan lunch at the Tiny House and talk to us about how we can take action for more sustainable cafeterias! There will be falafel, couscous, vegetables, hummus and bread!

The reason: The Philturm canteen has just opened and does not offer a fully vegetarian/vegan menu, as we have been demanding for months... The Studierendenwerk is trying to offer a more sustainable menu - but that's not enough! 10 of the 11 Studierendenwerk canteens still offer meat and fish dishes almost every day. This has to change!


Bike-Trip to the Energy-Campus in Bergedorf

FRIDAY, 19.04. 13:00
Where? We will meet at the train main station in front of the JUPITER (Mönckebergstraße 2-4, 20095 Hamburg)
We will ride our bikes (bring your Owen bike!) together to the Energy Campus, where we will have a tour. Approx. 20 kilometres are waiting for you - advice: bring something to drink and eat.


Renewable energies and where to find them: guided tour at the energy campus (CC4E) (Friday, 19.04)

FRIDAY 19.04: 15:00-17:00
Where? @ CC4E -> Schleusengraben 24 (Bergedorf)

How can we ensure a secure and stable power supply in the future? Together we will visit the Competence Center for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (CC4E) at HAW Hamburg and look at various solutions from current research.
We will be accompanied by the head of CC4E, Prof. Hans Schäfers.

How to get there: With the S-Bahn 2/21 - Stop: Bahnhof Bergedorf
From Bahnhof Bergedorf with the Bus in direction Energie-Campus Bergdorf:
With the Bus 122/221/321 - Stop: Energie-Campus Bergedorf
With the Bus 124/223/227/4400/8800 - Stop: Am Schleusengraben

Or you join us going there with our bikes (See program possibility „Bike Trip“)


Care for a flower meadow with NAJU (Saturday, 20.04)

SATURDAY, 20.04. 12:00-14:00
Where? NAJU-Landesgeschäftsstelle, Klaus-Groth-Straße 21, 20535 Hamburg-Borgfelde

Together with the "NABU Jugend", we look after the butterfly meadow in the middle of Hamburg and prepare for spring: Map the plants on our meadow with us and see how biodiversity can come to life and change.

On top there is always something to maintain, for example looking after our insect hotels.


Vegan Brunch & Workshop „Democracy and the Climate“ (Sunday, 21.04)

SUNDAY, 21.04. 11:00-14:00
Where? AStA UHH - In front ob Von-Melle-Park 9 (it’s in the Von-Melle-Park 5 building), Room 0029

Sunday Bruch with workshop: After research by Correktiv, people are standing up for democracy across Germany. Fridays for Future is actively participating as a climate justice movement - because climate justice is not possible without democracy. In a workshop, we will look specifically at how the climate crisis and democracy are connected.
The workshop starts at 12 noon.


Movie-Night "Eating Our Way to Extinction" @Abaton (Monday, 22.04)

MONDAY 22.04. 17:30- aprox. 20:00
Where? Cinema Abaton (small saloon) (Allende-Platz 3, 20146 Hamburg)

Movie night followed by a discussion: Fancy a movie? We invite you to the Abaton!

The Brockway brothers' powerful documentary "Eating Our Way to Extinction" takes viewers on an exciting journey around the world, from the depths of the Amazon rainforest to the mountains of Taiwan, the desert of Mongolia, the Dust Bowl in the USA, the Norwegian fjords and the Scottish coasts. Through references, accounts from indigenous people most affected by the climate crisis, and conversations with world-renowned personalities and leading scientists, the film uncovers hard truths and addresses the most pressing issue of our time - ecological collapse.
Narrated by Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet. The movie starts at 5:30 pm. The film will be shown in the original language with German subtitles; admission free!


Get to know the sustainability office (Tuesday, 23.04)

When?: TUESDAY, 23.04.2024; 14:00-15:00
Where?: Tiny house (near the Von-Melle-Park 8 Building) and Zoom

Lecture with Q&A and room for discussion:
Climate Report 2019 - 2022
Sustainability Report 2023
The Sustainability Office Provider insights into its work. How did we
come up with the results so far, how do we proceed further?
Presented by: Stefanie Reustlen (PhD), Uwe Lübbermann


Lecture series on the climate crisis (Tuesday 23.04)

TUESDAY 23.04. - Start: 18:15 - 19:45
Where? Audimax University of Hamburg (Main campus)

The interdisciplinary climate lecture is organized every semester by AStA and introduces its students to the many sides of the climate crisis. This session is about …


Climate Pubquiz (Tuesday 23.04)

TUESDAY 23.04. 20:00-22:00
Where? Knallo (Bar inside Von-Melle-Park 9 - Main campus UHH)

Learning facts about the climate? It can be done with fun and a cool drink in hand and snacks! The Green Office is hosting the popular Climate Pub Quiz for you again like last year! Come by the Knallo and let's finish the evening together.


Clothing exchange party (Wednesday 24.04)

WEDNESDAY 24.04. - Start 16:00
Where? Aula, Campus Armgartstraße / HAW Hamburg (Armgartstraße 24)

Swap your old clothes and fabrics at a swap meet. With DJ music, drinks, a screen printing workshop and a repair station with a sewing machine, you'll spend a creative and relaxed afternoon - creativity and sustainability in action!


Students For Future plenary onboarding & assembly (Thursday 25.04)

THURSDAY 25.04. - Start: 18:00
Where? AStA UHH - Room 0029 (Von-Melle-Park 5)

Would you like to get involved in our projects yourself? Or would you like to get to know students from various departments and get involved in climate action at your university? Then join Students For Future! We are planning many events at Hamburg's universities and are working for climate justice.


Dancing to the Future (Thursday, 25.04)

THURSDAY, 25.04. 21:00
Where? Hübris + Cübe (Von-Melle-Park 6, Philosophenturm)

We celebrate the last day of Climate Week and the beginning of the semester together in a cozy atmosphere! A place to celebrate with people you met during Climate Week.
There will be dancing and DJ music. Part of the party will also be the video game "Just Dance". So come along!