All over the world people are raising their voices to fight the climate crisis. With one common goal: climate justice. But how do we reach this goal? We will have a podium discussion with Kemo Fatty from Gambia, Speaker of the Great Green Wall Initiative and Clara Schweizer, Fridays for Future Activist from Germany and founder of the NGO “Klimataskforce e.V.”. We hope to understand the parallels and contrasts between climate activism in Gambia and Germany and learn what needs to be done in the global fight for a sustainable future.
After the discussion we will show the cinema movie “the Great Green Wall project”, which showcases the immense efforts of communities across Africa to combat the climate crisis through the Great Green Wall initiative. The Great Green Wall Project is an ambitious initiative to fight desertification and land degradation in the Sahel zone in Africa by planting a huge stretch of trees and vegetation across the continent. It aims to create a natural barrier against the growing desert, improve livelihoods, and promote biodiversity, ultimately fostering a greener and more sustainable future for local communities.

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Where does the event happen? Straße des 17. Juni 135, Hauptgebäude der Technischen Universität (TU), Lecture Hall "H1012"

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